Brief History

Rings have appeared in Ancient India, Ancient Near East, and Archaic and Classical Greece going back thousands of years, according to Wikipedia.  The earliest existing rings were found in the tombs of Ancient Egypt, according to the Encylopedia Britannica.  Gold rings appeared in Ancient Rome as a status symbol and used for decorative purposes in Ancient Greece.

In the Middle Ages gold rings were used in religious, legal, and commercial transactions according to Britannica.  Rings were also thought to have special and magical powers.


Over the next few centuries gold rings continued to evolve, as gemstones and diamonds became embezzled within and mounted upon gold rings.  This caused the popularity of gold rings to increase substantially.

By the turn of the 20th century new gold ring colors such as white gold and rose gold were invented.  These shades of gold ring didn't become mainstream until at least the 1920's when the Art Deco style was introduced to jewelry.

Gold rings in modern times are often used to signify "marriage" and "sanctity".  In some cultures gold rings are simple circle rings, and in other cultures wedding rings may be gold with a diamond or gemstone mounted on top.

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